9 Suit Colors Every Man Should Know

9 Suit Colors Every Man Should Know

Most men need more than one suit. A quality men's suit is most often expensive, and most men don’t have a lot of funds for this type of menswear. To solve the dilemma, one must have to determine which suits to buy first. So when you’re planning to buy men's suits, make sure you based them on the color as sometimes people buy clothing they love but can rarely wear as it’s not appropriate or not versatile for situations. When it comes to men’s suits and colors, some hues are more useful and versatile than the others. Below are suit colors that are easier for any man on a budget to prioritize.

Navy Blue Suit

Considered the de facto color, navy blue suits can make a man look a little younger. It is an excellent color for those who want to be recognized for the effort that he puts in and not necessarily for what he puts on. Moreover, navy blue is a perfect suit color for any gentleman who wants to get it customized with a few fashion-forward details.

Charcoal Grey Suit

A charcoal grey is another versatile suit color that is ideal for the younger man as it can add extra age to him. Extremely easy to match, the charcoal grey suit goes well with a wide range of colors, allowing any man to be more adventurous with the shirts and ties that he pairs with this suit.

Medium Grey Suit

A medium grey is quite a little lighter than a charcoal grey. Unfortunately, it is not as formal as navy blue and charcoal grey, although a few can tell the difference. Medium grey, along with navy blue and charcoal grey, will make any man’s wardrobe extremely versatile, especially if each suit has differences in the details that go into them.

Light Grey Suit

A light grey suit is lighter than its other grey brethren. This suit color is more casual. It is a perfect investment once a man has all of the “must-have suits” in his wardrobe. A light grey is also a great way to break up the monotony of wearing the usual shades.

Black Suit

Black isn’t as versatile as those on the first list, as it does not work for every skin type. A black suit only works well for those with a darker complexion and dark hair. It is limited in terms of versatility due to the stark contrast with anything else you are wearing. However, this shade is useful to wear for the most formal of occasions.

Dark Brown Suit

Ideal for men with a darker complexion and dark hair, a dark brown suit can work for some blonds, redheads, and ruddier complexions too. This shade can also be ideal in incorporating a little bit of color. However, this shade is not a formal suit.

Tan/ Khaki

Falls under a brown suit category; this shade is more relaxed in warmer weather. Tan suit is a solid choice for low contrast men due to its lack of color, which won't overwhelm neutral features and enable you to wear pastels to add more effect.

True Blue Suits

Unlike the navy, a blue suit can be harder to find. More popular in Europe and parts of Asia, a blue suit is not so popular for North American based gentlemen because it is difficult to find and less formal than navy suits.

White Suits

A white suit can draw a lot of attention to oneself, making it ideal for events like when you have to make a presentation and wants everyone’s attention. However, this suit color is not a necessity and is something that should not be a part of their collection.

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