Sartoria Dei Duchi's Well-Tailored Garment For Men

Sartoria Dei Duchi's Well-Tailored Garment For Men

The men’s tailored garment of Sartoria Dei Duchi – Atri is supported by a sub-structure made of Camel Canvas and Horsehair. This structure is used to give greater body and support in the front chest and shoulder area: it is manually attached to the fabric through various manual steps in which the fabric and fabric are modeled.

Modeling consists precisely in manipulating and blocking the structure with hand stitches, to give the right shapes that will then accompany our client’s body line. We can see a visible example of this step during a first try, in fact all the “herringbone” stitches that you find on the lapel and on the under collar have the function of harmoniously “bending” the pieces that make up the dress.

The buttons are a detail that makes the style of the tailored suit unique. The most valuable button is usually the one produced in real mother of pearl. The unmistakable iridescence of the mother of pearl button is due to the aragonite, whose thinness of the crystals enhances its luminescence. The blue or gray mother-of-pearl buttons match perfectly with an elegant four season wool suit, to which they give a unique and particular brilliance: a light point that does not go unnoticed. Mother-of-pearl buttons are as beautiful as they are delicate and we strongly suggest protecting them when taking your garment to the laundry, as they can chip easily.

The high level of the product that we offer you can be immediately perceived from the details. In the case of the buttonholes, we use silk threads and they are handmade. You can see this by looking at how the knot of each point is defined, perfect and this is why our buttonholes are all open and usable. All the buttonholes are open and made by hand, with silk threads.

We like to show the mastery with which every detail of our garments is taken care of.

Tailoring is an art and Italian tailors do it better!

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