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From Italian Aristocracy to exclusive menswear

"We aim to maintain the elegance of Atri's past and preserve the legacy of its workmanship"

Inspired by the beauty and history of Atri, Italy, Sartoria dei Duchi offers luxurious, custom-tailored suits, shirts, accessories, and shoes made from the finest Italian materials. The company draws its inspiration from the legacy of the House of Acquaviva, whose royal members ruled Atri in the 15th century. 

Sartoria dei Duchi aims to maintain the elegance of Atri's past and preserve the legacy of its workmanship. Suits from the brand are custom-made by master Italian tailors with a keen eye for classic good looks and use only the best wool. With a limited number of suits made annually, each taking up to 60 hours to create, the brand maintains its commitment to excellence.

The Sartoria dei Duchi collection is designed to make clients feel like royalty, with each piece made to order and a personal tailor assigned to each customer.

Piero Pavone/ Founder


The Dukes of Acquaviva

Inspired by the House of Acquaviva. The affluent history of the Dukes of Acquaviva in the historical town of Atri dating back to the 14th century has shaped the Sartoria Dei Duchi of today.  

Traditionally the Italian blue-bloods with their ‘old money’ would invest in exquisite clothes, bespoke tailored suits formed from only the finest of wools and the richest silks

The Town of Atri 

A quaint historic town in the Abruzzo hills of Italy and the breathtaking place that we are lucky enough to call home. Boasting incredible views of history and beauty ranging from original mosaics of the Roman baths to a cycle of 15th-century frescoes by Andrea de Litio dedicated to “Santa Maria Assunta”. 


It’s hard not to feel creative in Atri, with its tiny signature cobbled streets and striking architecture you can understand why the town has such a long history of traditional men’s tailoring. After growing up in such an inspiring part of the world Piero Pavone decided this would be where Sartoria Dei Duchi would be formed.


London Flagship

Together with Savile Row, Jermyn Street has been the temple of refined British menswear — and the center of the menswear universe — almost ever since. Initially, Jermyn Street was famous for bespoke and high-quality shirts, just as Savile Row was for suits. 

Dubai Locations

The showrooms feature carefully curated selections of our brand's most popular items, as well as exclusive pieces designed specifically for the Dubai market.


Furthermore, the showrooms will provide bespoke tailoring, allowing customers to design custom-made garments that reflect their personal style.

The Dubai showroom of Sartoria dei Duchi is now open for business, and the brand invites all fashion enthusiasts to come and experience the unique Italian style that has made Sartoria dei Duchi a global leader in luxury fashion.

Dubai Locations

Our Italian location in the town Atri — the heart of our brand and the inspiration for our craftmanship. While this show room sees less traffic than our flagship locations, it inspires the core of our indentiy. 

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