Build Our Partnership

Become a Sartoria dei Duchi partner or open your official Sartoria dei Duchi store

Sartoria Dei Duchi is an expression of timeless Italian tailoring culture, finest quality, uniqueness and personalization. Our tailors make modern men’s garments – entirely by hand -according to the Italian tailoring tradition, using only the best fabrics of the highest quality and expressing all our passion and culture of know-how in every finish.

Offering a Sartoria dei Duchi outfit means proposing your customers a perfect personalized outfit everyday and an impeccable look, synonymous with elegance and professionalism and also with a deep knowledge of the world of sartorial fashion and timeless style.

Do you want to be an official partner with us, or open a Sartoria dei Duchi official store? Contact us at to know how to build our partnership or set up your Sartoria dei Duchi’s store and start offering your customers our best Italian handmade  total sartoriale service!


Sartoria dei Duchi partnership main features:

  •       Our handmade Italian tailoring Made To Measure service available for your customers
  •       Our current products catalog -with fabrics samples- at your disposal
  •       Our total sartoriale complete outfits for all seasons
  •       No partnership/opening fee required
  •       Valuable commission for each order sent
  •       Visibility and promotion on our official website and social media channels
  •       Reliability and high quality of our MTM service
  •       The right to use the Sartoria Dei Duchi brand name and logo in your own store