About Us

We lead by Example

In 2017 Sartoria de Duchi was crafted from the heart and soul of Atri, Abruzzo, Italy. Generations of men have shaped the company to become what it is today with a vision to offer a new contemporary style of tailoring using the expertise and craftsmanship that has been woven into our hometown’s history.

Design and tradition is at the core of everything we do. We stay true to ourselves and our clients by studying and developing each suit until the end result is perfect with the highest quality assured. Tailoring is an art form and our tailors are some of the best most renown artists in Italy.

Italy is renown for its iconic style and immaculate silhouettes especially in the world of men’s clothing and tailoring. Italians pride themselves on presentation and appearance, your dress is considered a true reflection of a persons identity. Our tailors work hard to design suits that carefully explore the extensive beauty of Atri whilst mirroring the personalities of our clients – our suits should feel like your second skin. Authentic artistry from the Italian comune offers tailoring with care and attention to detail, every suit is made with the utmost consideration not only for our clients’ physique but also the way in which our body moves and how the fabric responds to our everyday lives.

We take huge pride in offering fresh new styles of the iconic Italian suit. Our skillful tailors cut each fabric with care and attention, stitch and sew each seam with meticulous attention to detail and press each and every garment with our clients’ silhouette and needs in mind. The Italian way. The Atri, way.