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Sartoria Dei Duchi

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Classic Derby Shoe / Long Shape Blue

Classic Derby Shoe / Long Shape Blue

The Derby is one of the most versatile footwear and bridges the gap between formal and casual. Depending on the skin, the finish and the details, it can be combined with all kinds of garments, from a dress to a T-shirt and cuffed jeans for the weekend.
This type present a more elongated shape, so we consider it more classic and elegant than a simple Derby. Moreover, this unique shoes are hand-age, as to give the best natural aged effect to the leather.

Features: High instep Flexible structure, suitable for wider feet. Smart/casual occasions.
Color: BLUE, HAND SHADED / leather crust colored and hand-aged calfskin / lining: black calf / shape Elongated / Bottom: Lightweight leather with anti-slip insert  sewn to BLAKE / Insole: Leather.

Our shoes are hand-made in Italy for you: once received your order, we will contact you as to ask for your measurements, then you will comfortably receive your customized hand-made Italian shoes at your address in 3-4 weeks.

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