Choosing The Right Color Of Shoes For Your Suit

Choosing The Right Color Of Shoes For Your Suit

Choosing the right color for shoes is as essential as getting the right shoes. It is as it creates a polished and stylish outfit. Regardless of how sharp and slick your suit or how sophisticated your shoes are, if you’re not wearing the right color, your outfit will never look right.

Black Shoes and Black Suit

Black shoes are the best option when paired with a black suit. It also looks sophisticated and lets you spice up the outfit with your shirt and tie combination. Opt for less traditional shoe styles to add a little more interest.

Black Shoes and Navy Suit

Black shoes are ideal for dressing up in navy suits, especially the darker hues, and making them appear more sophisticated.

Brown Shoes and Navy Suit

Brown shoes with a navy suit create a stylish and complementary look. The warm hue offset adds coolness to the navy suit and creates a contemporary appearance. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a little more exciting than black.

Burgundy Shoes and Navy Suit

Burgundy shoes pair well with the deep blue of a navy suit. Burgundy shoes will look formal without appearing too stuffy and have a simultaneously classic and contemporary feel.

Black Shoes and Dark Grey Suit

Black shoes are the best choice and the easiest to pair with your dark grey suit. This combination is sharp and stylish.

Burgundy Shoes and Dark Grey Suit

Burgundy shoes work well with a dark grey suit. The deeper and darker the tone of burgundy is, the perfect it Is for dark grey suits as it creates a well-balanced look.

Black Shoes and Light Grey Suit

Black shoe tone down the overall appearance of a light grey suit; thus, making the outfit a little more formal. It is also light and a perfect choice for men who look washed out in darker suits.

Brown Shoes and Light Grey Suit

The warm tone of brown shoes works well with light grey suits because it creates an overall light and summery suiting option. Opt for light brown shoes for a modern look.

Burgundy Shoes and Light Grey Suit

Burgundy shoes have that striking appearance when juxtaposed with a light grey suit. Its bold contrast creates a stylish look with a little bit of edge. 

Light Brown Shoes and Cream/Beige Suit

Light brown shoes are the perfect winning option for cream and beige suits.

White Shoes and Cream/Beige Suit

White shoes are the perfect pair for cream and beige suits. It looks refreshing and perfect for outdoor summer events.

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