Guide To Men’s Modern Suit Styles

Guide To Men’s Modern Suit Styles

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When it comes to men’s modern suit, from styles to designs and types, that one look fits all doesn’t apply and never will. Not only do personalities and bodies differ from one man to the other, but you will physically and mentally change too. Not to mention suit trends change drastically, and that different occasions call for different types of suits. Therefore, it’s natural that men’s suit styles remain as dynamic as life itself. So here is a guide to men’s suit styles.

Slim Fit Suit

This type of suit usually stops short of highlighting definition. The suit jackets typically give enough sleekness down without showing too much of what’s under there. The slim fit type is more of a casual-fashion style of men's suit.

Classic Fit Suit

A classic fit suit feels more comfortable and unfettered in design; this men’s suit type gives breathability without resorting to a loose aesthetic. It is also an easy alternative if you prefer something perfect for the office, but with a suit jacket that you can pair with chinos for a casual yet smart weekend look.

Modern Fit Suit

The modern fit suit is perfect if you want to exude a heightened sartorial sensibility but can't pull off the slim fit suit just yet. This men's suit style hovers squarely in the realm between the classic fit and slim fit and presents a tight look but with enough breathing room to spare.

Notch Lapel

The notch lapel, the most common type of suit lapel, is defined by a noticeable indent at the spot where the collar coincides with the lapel. It is as fitting for the boardroom as it is for the cocktail lounge. It is considered as the safest bet if you’re having a hard time figuring out which men’s lapel type to choose.

Shawl Lapel

One look at a shawl lapel and you're already picturing an elegant black-tie affair because of its smooth, uninterrupted lining. The reason is the shawl lapels are more or less exclusively found on formal wear like fancy dinner jackets and tux. A timeless sense of class and distinction are entailed in the aesthetic of shawl lapel.

Peak Lapel

The peak lapel is a stylish version of the notch lapel that has the top lapel sides fronting upward at sharp angles under the collar. The peak lapel may not be as extravagant as the shawl lapel; nevertheless, it emanates with high-end style and sophistication.

Single Breasted Suit

The single-breasted suit is the most ubiquitous among the types of men's suits. Under the single row of buttons, a single-breasted suit exudes a tighter and narrower appearance and is frequently paired with notch lapels.

Double Breasted Suit

Unlike the single-breasted suit, the double-breasted entails extra buttons for aesthetic purposes on either side of the jacket. As a result, the focal point drifts from the seam to the sides create the impression of having a wider frame.

Unstructured Blazer

Some men believe stylish blazers and interior padding are invariably part of the package. However, the men’s unstructured blazer will change such preconceived notions. The unstructured blazer breaks from conformity and constraint by removing the interior padding to ensure a soft fit and laid back aesthetic.


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